The Importance of Washing Your Hands

Do you even realize how important it is for you to wash your hands?!?! Sadly, many people don’t understand how many germs and bacteria are on their hands at all times. When you’re doing delicate things such as preparing food, not washing your hands can be a death sentence. 

When I think about the number of people who neglect washing their hands, this truly disturbs me and makes me want to vomit. So many illnesses each year because of lazy people who refuse to wash their hands or practice decent hygiene. 

I remember when I visited a South Carolina car accident lawyer to file an injury claim, and I witnessed the unspeakable. When I went out to the common area to use the restroom, there was another client there with me. The guy was a nice enough person, but immediately after “taking care of business,” he didn’t wash his hands. 

The fact that he casually strolled by the soap and sink let me realize how common this was for him. This single act repulsed me so much that I almost threw up. I began picturing all the doors, chairs, and anything else that he may have touched while there. I started to imagine myself handling those same objects. 

Well… I think you get the picture. Anyway, washing your hands is a straightforward way to prevent spreading illnesses throughout your household. There’s a reason why we tend to isolate sick individuals to prevent the spread of their cold. Whenever you use the restroom, change diapers, sneeze, or handle anything that’s generally disgusting, it’s a good idea to wash your hands. 

If soap and water aren’t available to you, use hand sanitizer as a substitute. I would also suggest using hand sanitizer whenever you interact with public objects, such as doorknobs. You also want to disinfect your environment whenever you can, meaning whenever you handle raw chicken or any other germ-ridden item, you should immediately disinfect your hands. 

Because you can contract a severe illness or even death when dealing with raw food, it’s a necessity you wash your hands and disinfect any areas where that food may have touched.

What’s crazy to me is that we’ve had countless improvements in medicine over the last few centuries, and easily preventable illness continues to take the lives of the innocent. Although it’s not realistic to always be in fear of germs and bacteria, you have to take the proper safety measures. 

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