Staying Healthy During a Pandemic

As you can probably imagine, this is a difficult time for me. Flu season is bad enough, with people shambling around and sneezing into their hands. But a pandemic affecting everything like this? I’ll be honest, I didn’t see this coming. 

Luckily for me, scientists did see a pandemic coming, and they’re helping people prepare for a long wait inside while they find a vaccine. So, when the world is on lockdown, what can you do to stay healthy? 

Stay Home

One of the simplest things you can do to avoid the virus is stay home. Pretty simple, right? It’s the best option for everyone, whether you’re more concerned with catching COVID-19 or with spreading it to someone else. 

That keeps you and your family safe, without a lot of the worries others may be having right now. For example, someone may have suffered a wrongful death in the family, and they’re worried about getting to the courtroom. While staying home can’t protect you from every single family tragedy, it can help preserve your health as much as possible. 

Wash Your Hands

Do you have any idea how many times a day you touch your face? Go ahead, try to count it up—it’s way more often than you think. 

Washing your hands frequently may dry you out, but it’s worth it to put some lotion on your next grocery delivery and keep scrubbing. Soap and water does a great job of killing the virus, making it much less likely that you’ll contract COVID-19. Finally, people are seeing my long minutes at the sink scrubbing up to my elbows for what it is—heroic. 

Avoid the Immunocompromised

This one may be the toughest because more people are immunocompromised than you’d think. Any recurring or chronic problems or weakened immune systems can leave you in a dire situation. For example, you may have already been thinking about your grandpa, who has recurring respiratory issues. But what about your friend who suffers from arthritis, or their partner, who has diabetes? 

All these conditions can leave your friends and family at risk. While it may feel like the right thing to do to go help them clean, or just to band together during tough times, you’re often better off staying at home. That way, you’re preventing exposure for yourself and your loved ones, even if they’ve also been playing it safe. 

Stock Up on Entertainment

Let’s be honest, you may feel a lot safer inside, but that doesn’t mean you’re excited or occupied with the constant flow of news about the current worldwide situation. For me, I have a hard time reading an article about it without washing my hands a few times throughout. Because of this, you may want to stock up on fun things to do (and spray it with disinfectant before bringing it in your home, of course). 

For many people, puzzles are becoming a great form of entertainment. Others are picking up those giant tomes they claimed to read in college, but of course they didn’t. Maybe you’ll take up bookbinding, or carpentry, or maybe you’ll watch Terminator for the fifteenth time. 

No matter what you choose, stay safe about it. I know I’m a total “germaphobe” to a lot of people, but right now? I think I just might be onto something. 

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